New Seat from Cracow, Poland

Entra, registrate y añade tu coche, ¿no has pensado nunca cuantos amigos disfrutan del 127 en tu ciudad? ¡¡animate y participa!!
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Re: New Seat from Cracow, Poland

Mensaje por Bart » Lun 04 Jul, 2022 01:46

Dear Amigos,
I still didn't recognize if my Bosch distributor is OK in my car. Wchich type of manufacturer's distributors you got? As I read, there were distributors of Marelli and Ducelliers in 127, but mine is Bosch distributor snd looks like really original, mounting looks like absoluteluy original and it is hard to believe that previous owner made any home crossing of these parts. Anyway my car passed MOT 2 days ago and and after 4 months of my fight with brakes, engine timing chain, carburettor, water pump, generator and valves, everything looks to be going to the positive end. I accepted my Bosch distributor and I'm proud to have a car with distributor, about wchich no one of my spanish friends know anything :-)
Happy owner of '77 4 door 127 LS, probably the sole one in Poland.

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Re: New Seat from Cracow, Poland

Mensaje por JMOP » Lun 04 Jul, 2022 22:50

Hi Bart.
Congratulations for your positive MOT. Now enjoy your SEAT for a whole year.

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Re: New Seat from Cracow, Poland

Mensaje por sport-127 » Mar 05 Jul, 2022 08:46

Hello Bart, I am very glad that you already have the 127 repaired and thus be able to enjoy it as it deserves. Greetings

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Re: New Seat from Cracow, Poland

Mensaje por seat143072 » Sab 23 Jul, 2022 06:01

Hola Bart, enhorabuena por tener un 127 en tierra lejana con la dificultad que supone para su conservación, y conservarlo así de bien, que lo disfrutes mucho¡¡